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Berlin Township

Alderman (Alleman/Schnabel) Cemetery   Section 36 off State Road/M-66 in Ionia near the I-96 overpass.  There are 26 burials from 1859-1920. Updated 2010.
Balcom Cemetery  
   A-L  M-Z
Section 36, on West Tuttle Road, Ionia.  There are over 2,000 burials from the mid-1800's to the present. 
Letts Cemetery Section 13, eight miles south of Ionia on Peck Lake Road.  There are 312 burials from the 1840's through the mid-1960's.
Ionia County Poor Farm (Infirmary) Section 34, on North Riverside Drive.  The land is now part of the Ionia Recreational Area.  A plague lists the names of the 36 buried there. 

Boston Township  

Saranac Cemetery
   A-D  E-J  K-R  S-Z
Sections 1 & 2 on David Highway in Saranac.  1974 Sexton records supplemented by recording of markers in 2010.
South Boston Cemetery Section 20 on Grand River Ave. and Kyser Road in Saranac.  Updated 2010.
White (Toles) Cemetery Section 3 on Centerline Rd. in Saranac; There are 101 burials.

Campbell Township  

Clarksville Cemetery  
       A-L  M-Z
Section 15 on Nash and Peddler Lake Rds in Clarksville.  There are 1,444 burials from the early 1800's through the present.  Last read in the mid-1970's.
South Clarksville Cemetery Also known as Brethern, Old Order, Dunkard, Campbell, and German Baptist.  Section 34 on Vedder Road in Freeport.  There are 167 burials.

Danby Township  

Danby Township Cemetery  
     A-L     M-Z
Section 28 on Charlotte Hwy in Mulliken.  There are burials from the early 1800's to the present. 

Easton Township  

Easton Cemetery   Section 8 on Johnson Road in Ionia.  There are 638 burials from the early 1800's to the present.  Last read in 1974.
Oakhill Cemetery   Section 24 on Yeomans Street in Ionia.  Ionia's first cemetery.  Many founders of Ionia County are buried here.  Last read 4/2010.  Cemetery Map.  See also Burial Permits

Ionia Township  

Highland Park Cemetery  
     A-E   F-L  M-R  S-Z
Section 16 on East Mail and Prairie Creek Roads in Ionia.  Read & photographed in 2010. See also Burial Permits and Highland Park Veterans Index
SS Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery Also known as Mount Olivet.  Section 20 on East Washington and 4th Streets in Ionia.  There are 1,641 burials.  See also Burial Permits
Sunset Memorial Gardens  
     (partial transcription)
Section 31 on S. State/M-66 in Ionia.  Sextons are Howard and Luann Curtiss, 5800 E. Davison, Detroit, MI 48212
Tuttle Cemetery   Section 32 on Kelsey and Tuttle Roads in Ionia.  There are 899 burials.

Keene Township  

Marble Cemetery   Section 17 on Richmond and Marble Roads in Belding.  There are 236 burials.
Pinckney (Pinkney) Cemetery Section 28 on Sayles and Pinckney Roads in Lowell.  There are 344 burials.
St. Mary's Miriam Cemetery   On Feurestein which turns into Miriam Road at Richmond Rd., Belding.

Lyons Township  

Lyons Township Cemetery Section 20 on Hayes and Kimball Roads in Lyons. 
Oakwood (Muir) Cemetery Section 18 on Bluewater Hwy in Muir.  There are 914 burials.
Pewamo Cemetery Section 14 on Pewamo Rd in Pewamo.  Updated 2010.
Saint Joseph Catholic Cemetery Also known as Mount Calvary.  Section 13 on Stoney Creek and Hubbardston Roads in Pewamo.  Updated 2010.
Spaulding Cemetery Section 25 on Dexter Trail just east of Spaulding Rd. in Pewamo.  Updated 2010

North Plains Township  

East Side Cemetery Section 12 in Hubbardston.  There are 312 burials.
North Plains Cemetery   Section 31 on SE corner of Olmstead and Schaeffer Roads north of Muir. There are 1,307 burials.  Last read in 1973.
St John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery Section 11 on Borden Road in Hubbardston.  There are 725 burials.
West Side Cemetery Section 12 in Hubbardston. 
Woodward Cemetery Section 15 on Borden Road in Hubbardston.  Three known headstones.

Odessa Township  

Lakeside Cemetery  
   A-E   F-I   J-L   M-Q   R-S   T-Z
Also known as Lakewood.  Section 34 on Cemetery Rd in Lake Odessa.  There are 5,145 burials

Orange Township  

Keefer and Olmstead Cemetery Section 1on Keefer Hwy.  Older reading is here.  New reading is June 2003.
Matthew (South Orange) Cemetery Section 34 on Sunfield Hwy.  There are 57 burials.
Steel (Steele) Cemetery   Section 20 on Peck Lake and Kelsey Roads. Updated 2010

Orleans Township  

Greenop (Hurd) Cemetery  
Section 16 on Orleans Road in Orleans.  There are 588 burials transcribed from Sexton's records in 1973.  Annex has 252 burials.
Greene Cemetery Section 17 on Johnson Road in Orleans (3 miles east of Belding).  There are 767 burials. New 2004 reading contributed by Larry and Audrey Staffen.
Higbee (Old Higbee) Cemetery   Section 36 on Peterson Road.  There are 141 burials from early 1840's. Lot Map
Orleans (Wheeler) Cemetery  
Section 15 on Orleans Road in Orleans across the road from the Greenop Cemetery.  There are 520 burials and an additional 181 in the annex.

Otisco Township  

Belding Cemetery Section 14 on E. Belding/M-44 in Belding.
Free Methodist (Old Belding)
Section 14 on E. Belding/M-44 in Belding.   Originally owned by William Wilson.  His first wife if buried here.  When he left with second wife for New York he gave the cemetery to the church.  Lot Map compiled by Ford Wright.
Otisco Cemetery  
Section 9 on Whites Bridge and Ellis Roads in Cooks Corners.  1,599 burials. Updated 1/2008 Township Records
Rest Haven Cemetery   Section 4 on North Storey Hwy/M-91 in Belding.

River Ridge Cemetery  
River Ridge Mausoleum

Section 14 on Zahm Road in Belding.  2,600 burials.  Mausoleum has an additional 122 interments.
St. Joseph's Cemetery   Section 14 on Zahm Road in Belding.  Last reading in 1974.  369 burials.
St. Mary's Cemetery   Sections 33 and 34 on Krupp Road in Smyrna.  373 burials.
Smyrna Cemetery
Section 21 on White's Bridge Road in Smyma.  There are 872 burials. Updated 1/2008 Township Records

Portland Township  

Pioneer (Maple Corners) Cemetery Site obliterated.  Section 2 off Maple Road.
Portland City Cemetery Section 33 on Bridge Street in Portland.  Thanks to Cheryl VanWormer.
Brown Grave Section 9 on David Hwy in Portland.
Catholic Cemetery Site obliterated.  Section 28 in Portland.  Many reinterred in Portland City Cemetery.
Goodwin Cemetery Site obliterated.  Section 2 on Maple Rd. in Portland.  Many reinterred in Portland City Cemetery.
Union (Musser) Cemetery Section 19 on MarSalle Road near Keefer Hwy in Portland.  Inactive.

Ronald Township  

Snows Cemetery Section 20 on Stedman Road in Shiloh.  There are 33 burials.
Woodard Lake Cemetery Section 18 on Woodard Road in Palo.  There are 186 burials.
Ionia County Poor Farm Section 33 on Cooper Road in Ionia.
Palo/VanVleck Cemetery Section 2 on Judevine Road in Palo.  There are 1,358 burials.  Last read in 1999. Last update 2010.

Sebewa Township  

East Sebewa Cemetery   Section 24 on Bippley Road in Sunfield.  There are 730 burials.
Sebewa Baptist (West Sebewa) Section 30 on Musgrove Rd in Lake Odessa.  There are 525 burials.
Ingalls Grave Section 25 on Keefer Road in Sunfield on the west side of the road.  Jonothon Ingalls (1762-1843), Revolutionary War soldier.  Marker erected in 1921 by DAR.
Reeder Cemetery Site Obliterated.  Section 32 Tupper Lake and Kimmel Roads in Sunfield.  Moved to East Sebewa. 
Showerman Graves Section 21.  Two children of Lucius Showerman.
Treece Children Graves Section 3
Unknown Grave Section 16



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